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Registration and Account details:

1: Anyone may register an account at I Need A Match, please be aware that some content such as album covers maybe innapropiate for a younger audiance.

2: Profanity // Racism is allowed if you're not directly aiming at anyone or anything (Allowed: Niggers // Not Allowed: Black Niggers) as this is the internet and someone is going to do it at some point it's easier to allow it and implent precautions regarding the topics specifically.

3: Banners can be of whatever you want apart from the obvious; Child Pornography // Real Torture and Pornography in general, nudity is allowed though so long it's discreet (Not a big dick across the top of you're profile)

4: Profile pictures follow same rules as Banners.

5: Signatures, anyone can have a signature to appear on the footer of your messages in the forums. Different members can have different banners (Uploaders: simple image of whatever you want so long it's not promoting external sites and advertisements. Trusted Uploaders: Uploaders and you may use a image // graphic linking to you're private website Moderators: Trusted Uploader as well as 3rd party affiliate links as advertisements)

Forums and Chatbox:

1: Racism is not allowed in any way shape or form, racism is classed as a racist slurr // remark made directly at someone or something or a race of people, however racist slang can be used in context of slang.

2: Profanity is allowed throughout the website, it's the internet what you expect ?

3: No indecent pictures of any kind (unless album art) in the forums please, this includes pornography, nudity, scenes of violence. This is in contrast to your accounts due to younger audiences maybe using the site to download, which means purposely actively clicking your account is slim.

4: No links to external sites unless Purchase // Facebook // Download links.

5: Chatbox is not for requesting or mentioning requests, if you're new and do it then fair enough. if you remind us about you're request in the chatbox then your request and chatbox rights will be revoked.


1: You may only request in the request section here, if you request elsewhere on the site (Such as comments or topics) you will recieve a warning.

2: No requests to be mentioned in the Chatbox please, it's only for chatting not been annoying.

3: When requesting Matches, please supply Mp3's and an iTunes link as something to match as well as verification it exists.

4: When requesting Mp3s or Lossless, please supply various sources of tracklisting as well as an iTunes link for verification.

Posting Topics:

1: When posting topic, ensure you post in the correct section. Mp3's in the Mp3 section etc.

2: When posting, please make sure the quality of the music is correct and not "transcoded".

3: When Uploading an item to download from the site, you must agree to the Terms and Conditions found HERE.

4: You must not used passworded links or files, you will not be asked to fix topics with passwords the content will simply be removed and you'll recieve a warning. This is meant to be a safe place to share not malicious.

Reported Content:

1: If your content is removed for Copyright Infringement you will recieve a PM about it and the content will be removed, you may reupload that content at a future date.

2: If it was reported for dead links you'll be sent a PM and 7 days to fix the broken links, if you fail to fix the link the content will be deleted from site.

3: If it was reported for been offensive then it'l be review by staff and staff will then take whatever action seems fit on the sitution. This can vary from banning, suspension or warnings.

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