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Released 08/31/2018

Key Changes


Hello, this is quiet a big update! Contains a few new features, some bug fixes and some changes.


New Features:


1. Added 'Tips' at the top of the home page, this block will let you know of features, hints, tips and random quotes.


2. Added 'Awards'. Now you can earn awards and compare with other members. There's three different tiers, there's:


2a. Special awards which are times based such as logging in on Xmas and doing something super special.

2b. Gold, Silver, Bronze awards which are all obtainable by doing stuff throughout the site all year round.


3. Added new calendar, one for upcoming singles and one for upcoming full albums this way you can keep track of both pre singles and full releases.


4. Added donations option to remove all advertisements site wide, you'll even get a code to download an Advertisement free Android App (RRP £0.99) this way you'll be directly supporting us and getting rid of advertisements.


5. Added Facebook comments to encourage people to get involved who don't want to register, now you can comment on topics without even registering.


6. Added social links at the top of the page (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+)




1. Added Advertisements, ads are only for the desktop version of the site and not the mobile version, also they only show to Guests / Members / Uploaders, whereas Trusted Uploaders, Moderators, Donators and Admin won't see them.


2. Advertisements are on the home page and the bottom of indivual posts as mentioned above for the groups which will see them.


3. [Backend] Images now have to be uploaded due to a bug in the embed system, will be resolved as soon as possible. However social images now work correctly!


4. Moderators and Trusted uploaders will now automatically receive codes to download I Need A Match App for free, this is as a thanks for continuous support of I Need A Match and it's other sites.




1. Fixed iOS bug where on iPhone chatbox wouldn't work, currently pressing 'return' still doesn't work however there's now a button on the chatbox to send message.


2. Fixed full support for iOS and Android Emojis.


Android App:


1. Android app now has a free version with one advertisement in the bottom and a Paid version (£0.99) which will be 100% advertisement free.


2. Swipe right for a menu


2a Added about screen for information in regards to contact information and a FAQ to help with any problems.

2b Added a Radio hosted by Core Radio which is an app exclusive and currently works when app is minimized as well as when the screen is locked.


3. External Links now open in browser instead of Android App to prevent getting lost in navigation.


Upcoming Android App Features:


1. Genres in menu bar now for mobile.


2. Deep Linking (When link clicked in browser it'l open in-app).


3. Most likely change the loading screen.


4. Adding Google Play link for Paid Version (Free Version Only)


Donator Bonuses:


I didn't want to include donator bonuses but it'l be unfair on those who support us and not just leeching so i decided to go for some subtle one's.


1. Donators will see no advertisements on site, this excludes redirect links from Trusted Uploaders.


2. They will also get a download code to get the paid app for free for Android.


3. They also will get priority in the requests section, this doesn't mean that requests are 100% filled though not everything matches.


Other I Need A Projects:


I Need A Match Link Shortener, has undergone numerous changes. 


1. Links sent to Facebook and other social platforms are now shortened with the domain https://www.ineedamat.ch.


2. Links on https://www.ineedamat.ch will be a advertisement for 5 seconds then leads to content, this is to try and recoup the costs of I Need A Match.


I Need A Download has also undergone a change.


1. Advertisements have been added on desktop and mobile, mobile has a single banner at the bottom and desktop has a single advertisement in center page. 


Extra Notes:


1. Advertisements are clearly marked as Advertisements to try and prevent any confusion on the user end.


2. Advertisements on I Need A Download are made not to be intrusive.


3. Advertisements on I Need A Match Shortener maybe intrusive however regardless you don't need to click anything despite any pop ups or warning it will go to the correct content afterwards.


I might be missing some things this maybe updated.


Thanks for all your support so far!


- Titan