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Released 06/01/2018

Key Changes


So this update has overhauled the Reputation system as well as adding a new bot and a few other smaller changes.

Reputation / Trust:

So there's now two different types of "points" there's Reputation and Trust, they both have different purposes here on I Need A Match, these will affect the progression of the members onsite.


Can be gained from:

  • Reacting to content
  • Liking peoples statuses
  • Upvoting an answer on Requests

This feature shows who supports what and where, so it shows the author of topics and other members that people appreciate their posts and content across the entire site. Reputation is showed in green on members topics.


Can be gained from:

  • Submitting Downloads
  • Adding Upcoming Releases
  • Filling in requests

The reason this is different to Reputation is because it shows your willingness to share content and help develop the site despite people not appreciating the content posts by a member. Just because 99% of the site doesn't appreciate some underground artist doesn't mean it's not helpful for the site.

As a comparison, should someone who posts a leak and gets 15 likes on it be rewarded more than someone who posts a new band and gets no likes ? or should they be given the same amount of points for the post it's self.

Trust points system:

  • 1 Point for an Mp3 download
  • 5 Points for an iTunes download
  • 5 Points for adding an upcoming release to the calendar
  • 10 Points for filling in a request
  • 10 Points for posting a Lossless download

Trusted Uploader Position:

So the Trusted Uploader is a promotion from the Uploader rank, it provides you with the ability promote your own site in your signature, it allows you to use your own shortest links to generate an income (Shortest payout = ~$0.005 a click) and it also gives you a new title and color to your name.

To get trusted:

  • Member for at least 30 days
  • Have 300 Trust
  • Have 1 Topic in Mp3
  • Have 1 Topic in iTunes
  • Have 1 Topic in Lossless

Once you have met the above requirements our new bot @Promotion will PM you a referral link for shortest and some quick guidelines.

Software Page:

I have added a software page where you guys can download the tools I use to RIP music from various places as well as check quality of RIP and other useful tools.

That's pretty much it, let me know what you think!

Thanks - Titan

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