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Released 05/07/2018

Key Changes

I can't be bothered backtracking this so lets start from new rebrand.

I Need A Match (INAM) V3.

New features, new sites and bug fixes:

New Sites:

Changes and Bug Fixes:

  • Emojis
  • Reactions
  • Forums
  • Tags
  • Search
  • Socials
  • Release Notes
  • Images and Attatchments


I Need A:

I Need A is now the hub for everything created by Titan. You can find useful information on the projects such as server status, upcoming projects and information on current projects.

This was decided as we needed a stand alone website for server status as well as enabling the "I Need A ____" to go further afield. Having a dedicated project page allows for us to move in the direction of hosting and services thus building a brand instead of a single website.



I Need A Link:

I Need A Link is now the public version of I Need A Match's Link Shortener, this will allow the public to generate short links to help spread the word of the "I Need A ____" idea. Also as we currently don't have a DMCA policy regarding short links we're hoping it will drive traffic to and from external sites with subtle references to this project.



I Need A Download:

I Need A Download is our download server. It has multiple uses; One of which is it allows me (Titan) personally to view how many downloads we're getting a month and what downloads are most popular among the visitors of I Need A Match.

Another use is, it helps me control the accounts of the members hosting files, for example on Mega if you get 3 DMCA's you're account is closed, I don't have to follow that rule I can keep accounts open, however for legal reasons files will still be removed.

Currently I Need A Download is log in only to upload files, however invites will be given out, read below.

As of (07/05/2018 UK Format). Once a month I will be offering an invite to I Need A Download to the best performing member of that month.



I Need A Mat (.ch):

This site is now private and has been replaced by I Need A Link, however this site will still be used for short links exclusively for I Need A Match social links. This way it helps me determine what links on what socials are been clicked the most to help me view user interaction.


I Need A Match Updates:


The chatbox now supports all Emojis across all mobile platforms such as Android and iOS Emojis. I'm now also able to create new and remove old Emojis easily, which i'm hoping will increase user interaction across the whole site.

I'll be making a section on the site for Emoji suggestions.


Reactions are now working again i'm aware i broke them throughout the rebranding. Same as the Emojis i'l be opening a section to suggest new reactions for the site.


The forums now have revised rules which can be found on the top of every forum, before creating topics. We've also changed the icons of the forums to help indicate what section is what a bit more easily. Plus it looks nice :)


Tag search is now on the left hand side of the site so you can search by genre, all posts require at least one genre before you can submit a download. I'll also be opening a section on the site to suggest new genres as tags to help be more specific on finding new music.

Hopefully this will revive older topics as people find new music via the tag system.


The search function has been modified, however this is mostly back end therefore no need to mention it. However it now can search broader terms as well as content or title as well as a few other customization options.



Facebook will be reopened on a new page to fix all the broken links and to rebrand for the "I Need A ____". Unfortunately people will have to relike the page, however it means we'll be able to gauge user engagement.

There will be a page created for I Need A Match and I Need A ____

This way people can like the Match page if they only want free music or the I Need A___ page if they want updates on upcoming projects and server statuses.


Google+ will undergo the same changes as the Facebook page. We understand people don't often use Google+ however it's more of a cheat to be placed higher up in Google Search.


Reddit has been a social platform for I Need A Match for a few months now and has been a huge success in traffic increase. as of now in a 3 month period Reddit has brought in 3000 more people.


I created a site Instagram account as i'm aware a lot of people use it and while currently inactive, I plan to automate sharing topics from here to Instagram to help people see what we've uploaded.

Also due to the Hashtag (#) on Instagram it could increase traffic to I Need A Match.

Got an idea for another social platform, let me know!

Release Notes:

Release notes have been relocated to https://releasenotes.ineedamatch.com and will contain all updates to I Need A Match. Release notes for external sites such as I Need A Download and I Need A Link will be on their own corresponding sites.

E.G. https://releasenotes.ineedadownload.com

Remember to check out these pages every time there's an update to find out what's new.

Images and Attachments:

All images and attachments are stored in database not as a file, therefore when migrating the site or updating the site there will be no broken images as they can't be lost in transfers.

It also helps decrease load times as the files are not having to load from an external source but from within the site it's self.

Currently they're a load of broken images as not all files transfered to the database which i'm spending the next couple of weeks fixing.

Broken images include:

Profile Pictures
Account Banners
Album Covers
Calendar Covers

Also as there's no need to upload files in the topics, file uploads are now disabled to prevent filling up the server unnecessarily.


Special Thanks to @dp4003 @Paula @Pedro for pointing out bugs and errors.


PM me any feedback

- Titan 

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