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  1. Artist: Dark Tranquillity Album: Construct Genre: Death Metal Release Date: May 28, 2013 Tracklist: 1 For Broken Words 2 The Science of Noise 3 Uniformity 4 The Silence in Between 5 Apathetic 6 What Only You Know 7 Endtime Hearts 8 State of Trust 9 Weight of the End 10 None Becoming 11 Immemorial 12 Photon DreamsPlease support the artist: Facebook / iTunesDownload
  2. Artist: Darkthrone Album: Under A Funeral Moon Genre: Black Metal Release Date: Jun 1, 1993 Tracklist:01 Natassja In Eternal Sleep 02 Summer Of The Diabolical Holocaust 03 The Dance Of Eternal Shadows 04 Unholy Black Metal 05 To Walk The Infernal Fields 06 Under A Funeral Moon 07 Inn I De Dype Skogers Favn 08 Crossing The Triangle Of FlamesPlease support the artist: Facebook / iTunesDownload
  3. Pure gold! The last three minutes of it are amazing! I have it purchased buddy.
  4. Install baidu app and create an account then add the file in order to download it.
  5. Artist: Shadows Fall Album: Seeking the Way: The Greatest Hits Genre: Metalcore Release Date: Oct 23, 2007 Tracklist:01 Crushing Belial 02 Of One Blood 03 Fleshold 04 Deadworld 05 Stepping Outside the Circle 06 Thoughts Without Words 07 Destroyer of Senses 08 The Idiot Box 09 The Light That Blinds 10 Enlightened by the Cold 11 What Drives the Weak 12 Inspiration on Demand 13 The Power of I and I 14 In Effigy 15 Seize the CalmPlease support the artist: Facebook / iTunesDownload
  6. Este post tuyo me recuerda a los que hacía en mi sitio premium hace algunos años. ¡Buen trabajo camarada!
  7. A masterpiece in metal is an album with at least 20 years!
  8. It could be possible if more purchased content will be shared here besides mine.
  9. I have those albums from Soen. What do you have for exchange?
  10. It works if you install baidu app.
  11. Artist: In Flames Album: I, the Mask Genre: Metal Release Date: 1 March, 2019 Tracklist: 01 Voices (04:47) 02 I, the Mask (03:41) 03 Call My Name 04 I Am Above 05 Follow Me 06 (This Is Our) House 07 We Will Remember 08 In This Life 09 Burn 10 Deep Inside 11 All the Pain 12 Stay with Me Download
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