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  1. Titan


    A reasonably big update. This update adds a lot of automation, welcome our new bots @DMCA and @Dead Link these guys will be notifying you of your content. So as they're name mentions: DMCA will be PMing you on any of your content which has been removed due to copyright violations, there's no need to reply as it is just a bot Dead Links will PM you based on if someone has reported one of your topics as having a dead link. Let me know what you think of these guys! Iv'e added a new feature too: Monthly competitions: Once a month we'll be selecting the user that has gained the most reputation points to be invited to I Need A Download. To gain points you can: Get likes on your content (1 Point per like) Post content (1 Point per post) - Coming Soon Post an upcoming release (5 Points per release) - Coming Soon Fill requests (9 Points per request + 1 point from the post) - Coming Soon Been invited to I Need A Download means you'll have unlimited file storage as well as a DMCA proof account, however your download links may still be removed if they're reported to prevent any legal problems.
  2. Titan

    Michael Schenker - Resurrection

    no match sorry
  3. Titan

    Gus -Fearless

    no match sorry
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    Just a small update: Updated login page to best represent the theme of I Need A Download. As usual contact us with your suggestions. - Titan
  5. Titan


    I Need A Download Created website as invite only, currently only method of invite is to win the monthly competition on I Need A Match. For Members: Unlimited file size Unlimited storage None removed accounts even after DMCA For Visitors: Unlimited number of downloads Unlimited download speed Covering Costs: Pop advertisements Static advertisements Any feedback please let me know! - Titan
  6. yeah working for me too... tested logged in and as guest PM me screenshots of whats happening please
  7. Titan

    Dance! No Thanks - Bright Lights EP (MP3)

    These will do dude, i'll get straight on it Mp3s are a lil harder to get
  8. Here's how to help support I Need A Match by uploading content here! Firstly we accept any genre of music and any format of music so long it meets these standards: iTunes Matched iTunes Purchased FLAC Mp3 320kbps Mp3 VBRV0 Firstly upload your content to a free file host, such as; MEGA and Zippyshare. Once uploaded there your at the stage where you can start creating the topic here. You just need to navigate to the type of musc iTunes Matched or Purchased Mp3 Lossless Once you're there select the genre of music from the available genres. Metal Core Alternative Pop Rap Miscellaneous Then click "Start New Topic" in the top right: Once it's loaded you'll already have a template to follow! Simply fill in the gaps: For the title, try and keep it simple [Artist] - [Album] (Quality)... Example: Once you've filled in the gaps you just got to add the album cover and the links, to add the album cover you just got to get a URL of an image. Preferably you can use the Album Art Finder which will find a high res image for you, or you can use Google. Once you've got an image URL just past it above "Artist" and it will automatically post the image for you! Taa-Daa. Finally just the links, to insert the link, highlight the text you're wanting to link and click the link button in the toolbar. Once you've done that simply just insert a link and press "Insert Into Post" And repeat for all the links, once done you can post it and share your music with the world! Need any help just comment - Titan
  9. So iv'e noticed some people commenting on topics about dead // broken links. Firstly this is difficult to keep track as there's currently over 2000 topics in which we can't watch them all. So the best method is to report them! To report content simply click the "Report" button on the top right of a post. Then click the "Dead Link" option and click submit! and it's as simple as that! Any feedback let me know! - Titan
  10. Artist: The Fallen Prodigy Album: Relive // Regret // Repeat Genre: Deathcore Release Date: 2018 Thanks @IniquitousFire! Tracklist: 01 Extinct 02 Boy Who Cried Wolf 03 Regret 04 Stray 05 Misery 06 Eighty-Sixed 07 Composure (feat. Lauren Babic) 08 Fractured 09 Repeat (feat. Will Ramos) 10 Relive (feat. Angel Vivaldi) 11 Endure Please support the artist : Facebook / iTunesDownload
  11. Artist: Hundredth Album: When Will We Surrender Genre: Rock / Alternative Release Date: 2010 Thanks @IniquitousFire! Tracklist: 01 Catalysts 02 Willows 03 Betrayer 04 Passion 05 Caving 06 Desolate 07 Fade 08 Sinking 09 Greater 10 Rise 11 Brighter 12 Sun 13 Shine Please support the artist : Facebook / iTunesDownload
  12. Artist: Hundredth Album: Let Go Genre: Rock / Alternative Release Date: 2011 Thanks @IniquitousFire! Tracklist: 01 Let Go 02 Weathered Town 03 Live Today 04 We Can Take Them All 05 Carry On 06 Humane 07 Remain & Sustain 08 Monumental, Pt. I 09 Monumental, Pt. II 10 I Hold the Key 11 Restless 12 Soul 13 Hurt Please support the artist : Facebook / iTunesDownload
  13. Artist: Hundredth Album: Revolt Genre: Rock / Alternative Release Date: 2013 Thanks @IniquitousFire! Tracklist: 01 Ruin 02 Savages 03 Free Mind / Open Spirit 04 Barren 05 Euclid (Slave Song) Please support the artist : Facebook / iTunesDownload
  14. Artist: Hundredth Album: Resist Genre: Rock / Alternative Release Date: 2014 Thanks @IniquitousFire! Tracklist: 01 Wake 02 Shelter 03 Resist 04 Demons 05 Manifest 06 Wage Please support the artist : Facebook / iTunesDownload