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  1. Artist: The Unguided Album: And The Battle Royale Genre: Metal Release Date: 2017 Tracklist : 01 Death's Sting 02 The Heartbleed Bug 03 Legendary 04 Dark Metamorphosis 05 A Link to the Past 06 Anchor Stone (Of the World) 07 Manipulate Fear 08 Force of Nature 09 King's Fall 10 Nighttaker (Bonus Track) 11 Daybreaker (Bonus Track) 12 Becoming Death (Intro) [Live] 13 Enraged (Live) 14 King of Clubs (Live) 15 Blodbad (Live) 16 Heartseeker (Live) 17 Green Eyed Demon (Live) 18 Betrayer of the Code (Live) 19 Operation: E.A.E. (Live) 20 Eye of the Thylacine (Live) 21 Inherit the Earth (Live) 22 The Worst Day (Revisited) [Live] 23 Nighttaker (Live) 24 Phoenix Down (Live) 25 Hate (And Other Triumphs) [Live]Please support the artist : Facebook / iTunesDownload
  2. Artist: Cavalera Conspiracy Album: Psychosis Genre: Thrash Metal Release Date: 2017 Tracklist :01 Insane 02 Terror Tactics 03 Impalement Execution 04 Spectral War 05 Crom 06 Hellfire 07 Judas Pariah 08 Psychosis 09 ExcruatingPlease support the artist : Facebook / iTunesDownload
  3. Unseen Faith 2 EP

  4. Artist: Unseen Faith Album: Yokebreaker Genre: Deathcore / Metalcore Release Date: 2011 Tracklist : 01 The Revenant 02 Enemy 03 Route 3 04 The Mask 05 Father 06 RoarsPlease support the artist : Facebook / iTunesDownload
  5. 1.0.0

    Changed Release Date to 12/02/2017
  6. 1.0.0

    Changed Additional Information to
  7. 1.0.0

    So I Need A Match has been around for about 6 months now but we're too lazy to back date it so we're starting from 1.0.0 as of today any future updates will be recorded here! Firstly thanks to @mR12 for the creation of the Release Notes page, apparently I struggle to follow instructions! Whats New! Theme Update: I have updated the theme for the newest version of the site, it includes things such as embedding internal links (as seen below), changing the colour of the headers to a colour of your choice and the Christmas do over, which includes now flakes and a new logo! Mobile Theme Update: The mobile theme has been updated to optimise screen space as well as usability, We have made it so now Genres is accessible from the home page on the mobile template by clicking the "View Genres" button. You can also change the theme on your mobile too. The theme you choose is cross platform so if you change it on one device it will correspond on all the other devices. Forums Update: When posting topics you will now longer be able to add images via uploading them, we have integrated a feature when you just paste the URL of an image and it will generate the image on it's own from there. This is to free up disk space on the main server, we are currently working on making an image host for those that do want to upload. We have also added a tab on the create a topic page where you can search iTunes for art work by just putting in the artist and album name and hitting search, these URLs are 100% compliant with our embedding system! Tags are now a requirement as some people wasn't using tags. Using tags is important because it generates our Genres search which allows people to find topics of similar genres easier, which helps in finding new music.
  8. 0.0.2

    Another previous project. Music Case, until it met it's end in 2016 due to server faults and issues. https://ineedamat.ch/ff
  9. 0.0.1

    Previous project, The Vault Music made in 2013 for a little bit of fun! https://ineedamat.ch/fe Until Russians had overtaken in 2016 in which it was handed to Wells.
  10. Artist: Fit For An Autopsy Album: The Great Collapse Genre: Deathcore Release Date: 2017 Tracklist : 01 Hydra 02 Heads Will Hang 03 Black Mammoth 04 Terraform 05 Iron Moon 06 When the Bulbs Burn Out 07 Too Late 08 Empty Still 09 Spiral 10 Hydra (Live At Rain City) [Bonus Track] 11 Heads Will Hang (Live At Rain City) [Bonus Track] 12 Iron Moon (Live At Rain City) [Bonus Track] 13 Black Mammoth (Live At Rain City) [Bonus Track] 14 Do You See Him (Live At Rain City) [Bonus Track] 15 The Jackal (Live At Rain City) [Bonus Track] 16 Saltwound (Live At Rain City) [Bonus Track] 17 Absolute Hope Absolute Hell (Live At Rain City) [Bonus Track] 18 Flatlining (Live At Rain City) [Bonus Track] Please support the artist : Facebook / iTunesDownload
  11. Artist: Writhen Album: Condemned Genre: Deathcore / Melodic Death Metal Release Date: 2017 Tracklist :01 Death Envelops Me 02 Son of Sin 03 Necromancy 04 The Darkened One 05 Mask of Annihilation 06 Hate and Demise 07 CondemnedPlease support the artist : No Facebook / No iTunes AnymoreDownload
  12. Artist: Throw the Fight Album: Transmissions Genre: Alternative Rock Release Date: 2016 Tracklist : 01 Don't Let Me Down 02 Drown With Me 03 Gallows 04 Bury Me Alive 05 No Surrender 06 Scream Out Your Name 07 Passing Ships 08 There's No Escape 09 The Broken Youth 10 TransmissionsPlease support the artist : Facebook / iTunesDownload
  13. Artist: The Burial Of You And Me Album: Closure Genre: Metalcore / Post-Hardcore Release Date: 2017 Tracklist :01. Transparent 02. Gone 03. Closure 04. Secrets 05. Annihilator 06. Defeatist Please support the artist : Facebook / iTunesDownload